Outdoor Fishing Shed

This fishing enthusiast called upon us for a memorial to his greatest pastimes. With limited space, but huge ideas, we were given this project to brighten up a beautiful garden through pre-existing material. Instead of having a boring-plain shed in their backyard, this fisherman wanted to transform the area with a painting that would keep him cool during the hot summers. As Sacramento Artists we know a little about the sun and heat so we chose an evening fishing scene to cool down and inspire the area.

Baby Bedroom

This Sacramento home needed a fun and lively room for their new baby. Fabric and bedding where already picked out and ready for baby, but the walls where missing something. Instead of doing commercial and repetitive baby designs these parents called upon two amazing Sacramento Artists to add some personality to their space. Painting characters that would entertain and stir creativity in their young one's mind is something that we love to do, because murals for babies are always the best way to welcome a newborn  into this beautiful world.  

Daycare Bathroom

This bathroom was commissioned for a private daycare in the Sacramento region. A request from the children that attended the daycare, a Finding Nemo theme was created. Fun loving sea creatures added laughs and smiles to the children at this daycare and encouraged potty training for all ages. Who would not want to hang out with their favourite underwater friend. Giving back tot he children in our community is our favourite thing to do as Sacramento Artists.