Home Bathroom

Changing a plain wall into something colorful and lively. This is what I love to do. Sometimes its hard to find that right piece of artwork to hang on the wall, so another option is to add a simple statement with some beautiful custom made murals. It doesn't have to be huge or pricey. It can fit your taste and decor while staying in your budget. 


Country Bathroom Part 2

This collaborated piece was done with the home owner to create a custom country scene from their dreams. Sitting across from the toilette, this mural is enjoyable for everyone who uses the restroom, especially the little grandchildren who can have fun searching for the animals while they are being potty trained. See images below for completed piece. 

Sunflower Bathroom Part 1

To brighten up this bathroom, the home owner wanted  something that was original. She had seen many sunflower paintings while shopping around but non spoke to her and seemed right for the space. So instead she came to me, and together we came up with an amazingly original piece that speaks to her and brings warmth to her room. Check out the process below.