Kristin Provencher

Born in 1988 in Roseville California. In 2006 she lived in San Diego where she studied art for a year, then later moved to Paris France to study. In 2009 moved to San Francisco California to obtain her BA in Studio Art. Provencher has already been in various important exhibit including "Emerging Artists" at Keller Gallery Point Loma, California and  "Rho Corp Festival"  at La Clef, Paris, France. Upcoming shows include "Placer Principle" at Blue Line Arts Gallery Roseville, California. Provencher lives and works in Roseville, California.  

Artists Statement

We are constantly teaching our kids to share. Share your toys, share your feelings, share your thoughts. It’s not the easiest task to do and as we get older it can become easier, but there’s still an inclination to hold onto things.  It’s mine, even at 29 years old.

My pieces are the emotions that I have with myself in solitude. They are very personal and close to me. They are even dreams that come to me in the night. So sharing can be difficult at times, but when I do; connection, understanding, and compassion takes form as we gather in front of art. We discuss, we laugh, we learn about each other. We share space. With my art I am sharing my internal space with the viewer. I am sharing my feelings, my desires, my current exposure.


Feel free to contact me anytime and please share.